Saksham Ravi

Converts : NMIMS, Mumbai

So finally it’s the time for payback. It was January starting when I got to know about Shubham Ranka Sir and MBA Counselling Team.

Staying in a place where I do not have any good option for offline GDPI Preparation, I pinged Shubham Sir and he mentioned about his upcoming debut with GDPI preparation for students.

I told my situation to Shubham Sir as I was having NMIMS as my best call and at any cost I had to convert it. He asked my NMAT Score and I said 211, that moment he said your score is the addition of three consecutive prime number and you will definitely convert it.

And, finally his words came true. I would like to sincerely thank Abhisekh Mukherjee Sir/bhaiya for his feedback, Parashar Shiv Sir for helping me to cover up my pitfalls in the interview and Shubham Sir for his inspirational words of wisdom which pushed me to give more of myself.

I am humbled and glad to be a part of this wonderful team.

Thank You so much team!

Ritwik Naskar

Converts : IIM C

Getting into the dream B-school is an aspiration of lakhs every year. I was one among the lakhs when I appeared for CAT. Getting a good percentile is just the first step towards your dream. The final hurdle was the interview. With no specified syllabus, nailing the interview seemed to be a far fetched dream. At that point of time I came across a certain Shubham Ranka. The next 1 month flew by. Things they covered included WAT topics, current affairs, HR questions, mock interviews (and the grilling😅) , maths questions. We already got a taste of B-School courtesy of some strict deadlines. I had 5 mock interviews with 5 different mentors whose suggestions proved to be invaluable.

It was a great experience with Shubham Ranka and his team and all the other mentees. Without these people I would have already started preparing for CAT 2019. But now I am preparing to go to IIM Calcutta.

Diksha Agarwal

Converts : IIM Lucknow and IIM Ranchi

It was in January when the results were out and I had one clear goal of making it to IIMs this year...

The first name that popped up on my mind was of Shyam Saraf sir. I remember speaking out everything that was in my mind and he said relax... Now you just need to channelize your energy in right direction to make it through your GDPI... It was then when he introduced me to Prashant Singh Chauhan sir

Prashant Sir "tussi great ho". In our very first conversation you shot a series of questions... And i remember failing terribly in all of those. Those mock interviews and presentation practices were truly wonderful. Those practice sessions helped me in the most unexpected ways. There were times when I used to give up on myself but you never gave up on me and the results are right in front of us. The growth and self-confidence that I experienced under you is truly phenomenal. You kept me motivated till the very end.

At last I must add that Shyam sir and Prashant sir are one of the most positive, helpful and genuine persons I have ever met in my life.


Converts : IIM A, B, C

CAT is just the first step of the journey and during the Interview preparations, felt like the easiest one. Interviews might just be the most crucial but random discussions one might have (at least were for me). There are multifarious topics to be covered- HR questions, Academics, Math, Work-Ex, Current Affairs and General Awareness... This team of mentors stand out in terms of the personalized attention given to every mentee, covering all facets of the preparations. Ashish Chugh has helped articulate few key HR questions such that they don't backfire :D Prashant Singh Chauhan ensured we know of all the recent events and news pieces. The everyday unique activities have helped in most unexpected ways in the interviews. Last but not the least, Shubham Ranka, my mentor, has always been there for any kind of queries or help in specific parts of the process. The rapid fires (introspection on the most random questions came in handy during the interviews), daily discussions, question banks- have been nothing short of a full package for the preparation. The mocks (college-specific as well) by all the mentors are enriching in a way that they always lead to a new line of questioning which is not already prepared. A big heart-felt, gratitude-driven thank you to the complete team for helping me convert the calls in the first attempt.

Arijit Misra

Converts : SPJIMR, GMP

Have you ever felt why you did not know about something before and the course of your life event would be very different. I got the same taste when I was preparing for GD-PI in Prepzone along with the best mind of B-school alumni and aspirants.

CAT is nothing but an aptitude exam which requires your perseverance and EQ more than your IQ. It demands never let it go attitude from future manager and I believe the mentor’s support and peer competitions are indispensable to float you till the very end.

Frankly speaking, when I enrolled for GD-PI course after CAT,I did not have huge expectation of this newly formed group. But I never believe it would create such an impact on me. Few experiences in life are hard to express in words; although I will try to pen it down. I will not say the mentors in Prepzone are best in the business. Because it is always subjective. However, their passion, planning, commitment and dedication to help each one of aspirants are unparalleled. Each and every feedback, what I received from Ashish Chugh;@Prashant Singh Chauhan;@Parashar Shivwill stay with me long even after the end of the interview session. This post will be incomplete if I do not mention about my mentor Shubham Ranka . You are the perfect senior any aspirants can dream for.I will surely cherish every moment in our Whats app group for long.

Finally,It is my pleasure to be associated with this vibrant coterie for the last 3 months and we will surely carry forward it near future. Cheers to all my mentors for life designing and keep rocking.

Riya Kothari

Converts : MDI, NMIMS

Always heard that scoring in an exam is one thing and converting a call is an altogether a different one. After all the confusion I went through, I finally decided to join Prep Zone and it was one of the best decisions ever.

Starting with my mentor Subhendu Pradhan, who was always there for us to guide us through everything and point out the silliest mistakes we did in WAT or GD and at the same time appreciate us for our good work to keep our morale high. Shubham Ranka with his ingenious insights, brought out the best in us. He was always available for us 24*7 and was able to bring out the qualities within us, that we never even knew existed. Prashant Singh Chauhan with his impeccable knowledge of any and every field advised us on a crisp note which never went wrong and prepared us for the worst of scenarios. Ashish Chugh with his great tips and tricks for GDs, helped me a lot. And he is the person, just by observing and listening to whom, one can learn a great deal of things. Extra efforts put in by Parashar Shiv were highly commendable which helped us in improving our skills a lot.

All in all it was a great experience to get mentored by these great minds. Thank you team Prep Zone for everything

Debopam Banerjee

Converts : XLRI HRM, IIFT

After the results started rolling out in January, the tough part started, preparation for GDPI. It required institute specific study and preparation.

I was introduced to this group by a friend of mine who happens to be a friend of Shubham. Inspite of being a mutual friend, Shubham catered to my nerves and stupid queries. We discussed potential calls and probability of converting them.

Then I enrolled in the GDPI course and Prashant was assigned as a mentor to me. He is the right kind of mentor needed to get you to work, understanding your profile and what can be leveraged to get the maximum results. He made me work on guesstimate, current affairs and made me work on my writing skills. With almost 4.5 years of workex, he approached my preparation in a very personal way so that I can use this as a strength and not a weakness as it is perceived in the Indian MBA scenario.

3 interviews with Prashant, Shubham and Shiv helped me formulate my answers as per my profile and calls I had. Their feedback gave the much needed confidence to go head on in the interviews.

Tips from Ashish regarding GD were really helpful.

I can't be more thankful to this team.

Abhishek Chawla

Converts : NMIMS

CAT was almost over and I started getting anxious about what to do next. There were many to tell you what to do for CAT but not so many qualified folks to tell you what after that. Regular coaching teachers were good till CAT but I was looking for personal attention and from someone who was been through the interview process very recently as only he/she would be able to connect to the challenges that I was facing at that time. I was following Shubham Ranka sir for his XAT DM videos and read about his interview prep program. To be honest I joined it initially as the cost of the the program was not that much as compared to regular coaching centres like cl/time. I was to use it as an additional prep along with some other institute. 2 days with these guys and I chugged the plans to join anything else. Some reasons why I liked the program and didn't feel like joining something else

1. The admins were always involved on the whatsapp group. They were very passionate about helping us.

2. Daily activities / tasks given on the group were very unique and relevant.

3. The WAT topics for practice were not only interesting and unique , the feedback given by the mentors was very useful.

4. The mock PIs were very unique. Every PI I gave was different from the other and the feedback given to me was so useful, I remember giving some answers in my actual interview, the way the mentors had guided me to, the interview which eventually got me admitted to my dream college.

Personally I had dealt with Shubham and Krishna sir and I am very thankful to them for their guidance.

Kudos to team Prepzone and All the Best to future MBA aspirants. You are in the right hands if you are on this group already.

Vidhyam Harish

Converts : IIM A, B, C

First of all I would like to thank my mentor Ashish sir, Shubham and all the other mentors for helping me get into the dream b-school of my choice. I always thought mock interviews or WAT sessions are a waste of time because the ones I gave earlier lacked spontaneousness and felt artificial whether due to the type of questions asked or the kind of feedback that they gave. But the interview sessions with Ashish sir and Shubham sir were as close to an actual interview that one can get right now. They were stress inducing, knowledge testing and more importantly felt spontaneous. The interviews weren't the best part, it was the feedback that I got after those mocks and this whole experience made me confident and result was I converted almost all my calls. Ashish sir, your WAT feedback is the best in the business and the interview that you took where you cornered me with a simple question of which b school would I choose made my actual interviews simple and silly for me.

To other aspirants out there, there is no other institute outside that will give you the kind of one to one preparation that you can get with team MBA counselling. Also the kind of experience that these guys have because they themselves were one of the aspirants few years ago makes a big difference in the style of mentorship you get.

Every B school wants the best students out there, to get into these prestigious institutes you need to showcase the best version of yourself in the interviews and to do that you need the best mentorship available.

Avni Chandra

Converts : NMIMS

After my results I look a leap with Prepzone for mu interview preparations.

Thankyou so much each and every mentor here, for making me confident each and every time I appeared for an interview.

Special thanks to Abhishek Mukherjee sir, for being a mentor as well as a friend.

Thank you Prashant sir for catching my answers at my weakest nerve, hence, I got better at it. To the entire team of PrepZone, Thankyou for making me crack almost every interview I sat for.

Soumya Sen


Well, I would like to narrate the whole story centred around my CAT preparation. I left my IT job after working for 2 years in Bangalore and came back home. Indeed it was quite a change but then I could focus on my studies decently here. I started freelance content writing along with my preparations as I felt aligning my profile towards something that will help me learn new skills would help me in my MBA. Well first part was giving the exams. My CAT score was not great but it did help me get calls for Tier 2 colleges. I did give SNAP and few other exams as well. So now the results were out and the main challenge was how would I really stand out from the crowd of so many people. Trust me GDPI rounds can be challenging and full of surprises.

While I knew that I was decent at speaking and talking, I was confused about how would I align my freelance skills with my work experience. That is when MBA College Counselling: Choose the Best B-school for you !! came to my rescue. I am so happy that I enrolled for their GDPI classes. The mock interviews by Prashant Singh Chauhan sir and Pradosh sir really helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses. The best part was they gave the same amount of focus and effort for all students. Their tips helped me so much in my interviews. I sat for some 10 interviews and could convert most of them. I think I owe a lot to the mentors here. Thank you Shubham Ranka sir for always helping me with the silliest doubts. I have conversions from NIRMA, Symbiosis (SIOM and SCIT), Great Lakes Gurgaon, FORE, GIM and NMIMS Hyderabad.

I have decided on joining GIM. If you guys are confused about your exam or GDPI preparations, definitely consult the mentors here who are equipped with great knowledge and experience.

Deepan Banerjee


Most of the key points have been covered by others so I wont repeat the same. I will only share the part which sets this amazing group apart from the others. Most groups are only concerned with people having top of the line calls and end up neglecting those less fortunate ones. Yes, i had very average marks and hence very average calls. But i got equal assistance and help from the mentors and the way they pushed us and were behind us to get the best from us was really commendable. They made sure that we convert out best calls. Handing out assignments is ok but making sure that each one of us completes that, is something us. They were flexible enough with the working people and scheduled interviews accordingly.

So before you join some fancy place, please do check this place out, and see the difference. A big shoutout to my mentor Mr Mahadev(Shiv sir) and Superman Shubham Ranka. Their regular feedback made us aware of our weakness. Thanks to you and your team, i managed to do well and convert most of my calls. Thank you PrepZone!!

Arsh Khan

Converts : SIBM-P, NMIMS Mumbai, SCMHRD

After an abysmal exam season, I had a few good calls in hand. But, only half the battle was won. The other half could not have been won without proper guidance. As this was a do or die situation for me, I was also looking for personal attention and that was provided to me by Prashant Singh Chauhan sir. Also, it came at a cost which was a fraction of what these institutes charge you. In the subsequent month, I saw myself growing as an individual tremendously. In my first ever mock interview, I was a diffident guy fumbling for words. During my last interview, I was a confident guy having a casual banter with the interviewer. All the credit goes to Prashant sir for his valuable guidance. I remember sending him a small query on WhatsApp and he replied with an extensive 20 minutes call. Thank you sir for all the guidance and I am forever indebted.

To all the aspirants out there, look no further. This is the BEST team to help you achieve your B-School dreams.

Bandita Berman


I would like to first thank Parashar Shiv my mentor for bringing out the confidence within me with his stories of his days of the phase we were going through during the interviews. I can vouch on the fact that cracking all the interviews at hand was out of question if not for Shubham Ranka and team. I wasn't aware of the fact that even interview phase has so many hurdles to crack before you get your dream college and this team of mentors took care of everything we need step by step to get through all of them. Those mock interviews, WAT guidance on a daily basis giving personal attention to every individual's unique mistakes...just one word 'WOW'.

According to me, what I learnt in this whole preparation phase, one needs to focus on what his or her weak areas are and not where others are leading ahead of you. In the end, all B Schools want to see how we as an individual are unique that we can add value to the classroom, so taking the crucial time we have in analyzing on ourselves will be wise way out and in this introspection, my mentor Shiv helped me a lot. So, I would like to thank this team of counsellers for being there to help pointless souls like me who knew nothing about the post entrance exams phase.

Agrima Tiwari

Converts : NMIMS 2019-21

More than a testimony, this shall be my attempt to articulate the gratitude that I'm filled with- in the knowledge that I shall never be able to do it complete justice.

To put it lightly, the GD-PI-WAT process can be demanding. It was only because of the team of mentors that all of us (I don't even feel like I'm taking a liberty to speak for everyone, I can vouch for them feeling the same way) went in feeling composed, self-assured and most importantly, thoroughly prepared. From Shubham Ranka to Prashant Singh Chauhan to Ashish Chugh to Parashar Shiv to Krishna( whom I'm unable to tag), there was never a time when they seemed unapproachable, even for the most mundane of questions or the most groundless jitters- not just before the interviews, but till date ( and I hope until much later). They were always the most eager to extend a helping hand, going above and beyond what their duty called for- taking extensive interviews that covered the length and breadth of pretty much everything under the Sun, giving personal feedback to EVERYONE, providing an extremely accommodating process, the WAT guidelines, and all the other invaluable help and guidance; nothing more could be asked for.

You, kind sirs, have been so great, that all words fall short of conveying what is the most simple, but yet the most profound feeling in me today- gratitude. Thank you!

Siddharth Das

Converts : IIM B, IIFT (D)

I think CAT is not about just the score but also about how you prepare for second phase after getting the score. This phase is particularly more complicated because everyone at this stage are equally good, That?s where the expert guidance of Shubham Ranka Prashant Singh Chauhan Ashish Chugh Krishna Bajoria helped me a lot. In spite of their busy schedule they always had time to invest in our dreams. I still remember the first interview I gave, even I knew it was pathetic but was astonished by the positive push Shubham Ranka sir gave me. It is normally about how confident you are in the interview and such support really made a difference for me. Being away from formal corporate sector my oration skill was affected but the mock interviews and the feedback given really helped me gain it back ( the one by Prashant Singh Chauhan sir was very detailed and helpful) . Further the personal follow ups by the team made sure that I make this difficult journey properly. The regular write ups and the fear of doing it before deadline helped me work on WAT (which frankly I never knew could be so important).

Last but not the least the 24x7 support and the practise on the group acted as a catalyst in preparing me for the phase. I will be happy if others can show the same trust in this awesome team and feel the magic themselves

Susan Rath

Converts : NM Mumbai, XIMB, GL Chennai PGPM

After the MBA exams got over I was looking for personal guidance and mentoring for the interviews. I got enrolled in an offline institute.

Even though I was attending their sessions, somewhere I knew that it was not enough. At that point I came across PrepZone and all I can say is that I was lucky enough to have found the right help at the right time. My very first interview was for NM Mumbai and I was just hoping that it should be my best interview as I had limited calls and I intended to convert each one of them.

This would not have been possible without Shubham sir and Prashant sir's guidance and mentoring.

I would also like to thank Subhendu Pradhan for being patient with me and my queries, giving me an opportunity to improve with every mock interview.

A big thank you to the entire team of mentors. Forever grateful :)


Tanmay Srivastava

Converts : IIFT, MDI

After clearing Cat'18 and IIFT'18, there stood the herculean task of actually making it to the best B-schools in India. I was still wondering over the type of mentorship I needed for the same. Krishna Bajoria sir suggested me this group of interesting and vibrant individuals led by IIM-C alumnus. Shiv Parashar (sir) {because he doesn't like the title, he deserves it} was my mentor. Thank you so much Shiv for the pep talks and cheering me up during those days. It was a tough phase on personal fronts. It started with continous writeups, rigorous GDs and Case Discussions, personal interviews which taught us so much. I still remember the second PI by Krishna sir which taught me about stress PIs in a not so good manner :P but that's that and you can only learn from there. Thank you Shubham Ranka sir and Prashant Singh Chauhan sir for the guidance and motivation at every step and even helping us in personal things. Also, for maintaining the cheerness level and as Payal says, the Cuteness Quotient of the group. The group which started as the first batch has now rightly become family. Thank you Aaushi Sharma, Payal, Sourin, Yash Pratap Singh and the entire group for all those exciting GD and CD process. And also, for the exciting and funny chats

Congratulations to all the other convertees.

Shishir Gupta

Converts : IIM Shillong, SPJAIN waitlist, IIM Rohtak, IIM Sirmaur

After securing good percentiles in various examinations, the biggest obstacle comes in the form of gruesome GD-PI round and the best people who will guide you are the one who has faced similar situation years back.

Shubham Sir, Prashant Sir, Parashar Shiv Sir, no words will justify my thankfulness to your hard work in making my dream a reality. Those late nights IIFT specific interview, GD rounds have helped me to boost my confidence for actual PI rounds and helped me to sail through it quite comfortably. It is my pleasure to be a student of 1st batch of your Prepzone group (which will be a leader in this space in the near future for sure). If possible, let's meet again sir in Delhi :)

Yash Pratap Singh


Testimony for the group and mentors. I would begin by thanking Ashish Chugh my mentor and Shubham Ranka, whom I can call a friend as he has been a senior at IIT though our interactions happened only very recently. The promptness of Shubham in answering queries to providing feedback immediately post interview was useful in crafting answers. When it comes to Ashish, I think he has a knack for teaching and is extremely patient and calm while explaining things. I should thank for hour long introduction sessions for the mock interviews. Apart from these two, I think the entire team has been fantastic and has shared important resources on various facets of the second stage of selection, including WATs.

A quick small framework which aspirants might find useful. In my understanding, business schools generally look for three factors in the order below,

1. Can you survive the academic rigor?

2. What value do you add to the classroom and peers?

3. Can you be absorbed by the market or in short, can you be placed for a job?

And to answer, all these questions, the life long mantra of self-introspection at all stages would work. To assist you in finding answers, you may also read stuff, talk to a lot of people (in this case you have an amazing cohort of mentors).

Siddharth Gupta

Converts : Great Lakes Chennai, IRMA, XIMB, IMT Ghaziabad

I know Ashish Chugh since 2013 and I can bet that he is one of the most dynamic personality you'll meet in life! Last year, I had few doubts related to career and he listened to me patiently and guided me properly. During interview time, I just watched his 45 min video on things that one must follow during PI and it helped me to crack all the interviews! Good luck to him and the entire team for future endeavors. Anyone who is looking for career counselling, MBA exam preparation, GD PI preparation, this page is the answer for your whole search!

Olivia Manna

Converts : IIM Rohtak, IIM Sirmaur, TAPMI, IMI Delhi

The day has finally come. I want to thank each one of the mentors here. Special thanks to my mentor Prashant Singh Chauhan who has helped me immensely in every possible way. The feedbacks of the WATs, interviews and constant reminders to post articles helped a lot. He motivated me, helped me with the tricks and provided a great insight of the whole admission process.

I would also like to thank Shubham Ranka Mukesh Goyal Shiv Parashar Ashish Chugh and all other mentors for their constant help, support and guidance. The initiative they have taken will create wonders someday. More than 200 converts already. Many many more to come. Hats off to you guys. The hard work and dedication you all put in is something we really need to learn

With the unexpected rejects and waitlists showering upon me, I got completely shattered. But that's when Prashant Sir motivated me, and adviced me to hold on a little longer. It was a game of patience.

Thank you so much everyone. Without such wonderful mentors like you all, this success story couldn't have been posted.

Jeswin Joy

Converts : IIM Indore, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi

I want to thank every mentor who has been of immense help to me and everyone in this group right from college selection to application review, WAT practice , Mock GD, Mock Interview and guidance to choose THE college from the final convert list.

The interviews with Mukesh Goyal sir, Ashish Chugh sir and Shubham Ranka sir were really helpful. In fact, some of the questions were repeated in few interviews. Extensive practice sessions for WAT have taken the fear out of me to write and now I feel very comfortable writing a page on anything under the sun. The objective grading of WAT topics and the sample WATs have helped me to identify the problems and fix them. The articles and videos shared by the mentors and mentees made sure that everyone of us stayed up-to-date with current affairs. I was always amazed by the enthusiasm of Shubham sir and our group members. Thank you sir for pushing us to our limits.

Getting rejected by new IIMs( interview in February) to getting selected in IIM Indore(interview in April), IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi and a close waitlist at FMS, IIM Lucknow and NITIE shows how much this group has helped me to develop during this short period. Thank you Shubham sir, Prashant Singh Chauhan sir and everyone else for all the help and support. :) Looking forward to your guidance in the future too!!!

Jitin Gupta

Converts : IIM B

I would first like to thank the entire team of Prepzone and especially Shubham Ranka and Ashish chugh sir who has been there for 24*7 to help me out.

After getting the calls the next challenge was to prepare PI/Wat. Prepzone was just started a week after the declaration of CAT results. Since it was their first batch so I was skeptical if it would be able to help me out or not. I decided to enroll in the programme as they were charging a very nominal amount. But the guidance and the way the batch was taken ahead by the mentors is commendable and really worth much more than what they have charged.

Maintaining proper progress reports for both pi and wat is the USP of prepzone. You can't expect such kind of personal attention by the mentors on any other platform. Proper data and questions were circulated from time to time which has a major role in my preparation.

Honest feedback by the mentors is another USP of the prepzone team. The feedback provided by shubham who has taken my mock pi has turned the tables around for me in my Calcutta interview. The way mock pi are taken by the mentors here is more or less similar to the actual interview be it in terms of HR ques, technical ques or stress.

And finally, the motivation which both of my mentors Shubham and Ashish have provided throughout my journey has enhanced my confidence to face the B school interviews. Sometimes simple messages like 'relax and stay calm, you are prepared well' boosts your confidence.

Thank you very much.

Akansha Priyaraj

Converts : IIM Indore

I came across this team in January and over the last four months they have been the most supportive and dedicated people in my journey. Like every final year student of a Tier-1 engineering college, after getting placed, I got a call from my father asking me to give CAT a shot. CAT'18 happened to me by fluke but once the results came out, I wanted to sincerely prepare for the interview process. The first week after the results were announced, was spent in understanding what exactly do they ask in an IIM interview by reading tons of answers on Quora. I realised most of the interviews had questions on current affairs. For a person like me who has spent most of her life reading Vogue and GQ, reading newspapers or even having an editorial app on my phone was a big deal. Just when I almost gave up on this and told myself it's not my cup of tea, I came across Shubham Ranka 's post through the IIM Calcutta group. And the journey since then has been fantastic. We would get daily topics to write on and then by 9-10 in the night all of us on the group will discuss it. Every week, we would write a WAT topic and get detailed feedback. All the other mentees were extremely smart and by just reading their articles alone, I would be able to understand the depth of every topic.

Like most of the people in my generation, I too spent the better part of my life in a privileged bubble/corner of the world where knowledge of the larger world was not a thing on which a premium was placed. And hence this exposure with Prepzone to prepare for my IIM interviews made me a much informed citizen. I have been waitlisted as of now and I'm not sure whether I would convert by next month or not, but even if I don't, I would always and forever be grateful to this journey.

Would 10/10 recommend Prepzone to anyone who is giving CAT'19 a shot and I will also like to urge anyone who is preparing for CAT or not to*READ* and be informed.

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